Spay and Save: Mimi has had a tough go of it


Mimi is a gray and white female, one to two years of age and spayed. She was rescued from the streets of North Philadelphia. Her owner put her outside with her bowls and litter box when a new puppy was brought home. She was living on a very busy street and neighbors were feeding her. They asked Spay and Save to rescue her before she was hit by a car.

Mimi is a bossy girl and will let you know when she wants to play, eat or cuddle. She will also let you know when she wants some alone time.

Can you commit to giving her a forever home?

Vet references and/or home visit required to adopt from Spay and Save. For more information on all the dogs and cats that Spay and Save has for adoption, call 610-277-6187 or visit